Diocesan Curia


Most Rev. Dr. A. Amalraj

Bishop of Ootacamund

Bishop’ s House
P.B. No. 5
Ooty – 643 001
The Nilgiris
S. India
DoB     : 04-12-1953
DoO    :26-12-1980
DoN    :30-06-2006
EPO    :09-08-2006


Bishop 0423-2442366
Vicar General

Chancellor 0423-2442366
Procurator 0423-2442366
Secretary 0423-2442366
Fax No. 0423-2442366
Pastoral Centre 0423-2442195

Registration No.: S.NO.9 of 1943

  • President: Msgr. A. Anthony Swamy
  • Vice President : Rev.Msgr V. Christoper Lawrence
  • Secretary : Rev. Fr. Selvanathen

    Rev.Fr. Leon Prabhakaran Director, Arulagam, Pastoral Centre & Co-ordinator of all the Commissions, Liturgy< Bible, Catecheics, Laity, Prayer Groups and Evangelization
    Msgr V. Christopher Lawrence Clergy and Religious
    Rev. Fr. S. Selvanathan Pontifical Missions and holy Childhood
    Rev.Fr. Vincent Paul Raj Family commissions
    Rev.Fr. Solomon Commission for Social Services and Labour
    Rev.Fr.Silverster Vijayan Commissions for youth communications and Madha Tv
    Rev. Fr. Periyanayagam Education Commission
    Rev. Fr. Adaikalam Amirtharaj Commission for Pious Associations
    Rev. Fr. Joseph William Kumar Justice and Peace
    Rev. Fr. Vincent Paul Legal Cell and Christian Rights Movement
    Rev. Fr M.D Amirtharaj Commissions for SC/ST, Prison Ministry, St. Berchamans Preparatory Seminary for Multi Skill Developments and & Anbu Counselling Centre
    Miss Gunasheela Women Commission

    Ooty CRI-Executives

    Name of the Executives Designation & In-Charges Phone No. E-mail ID
    Sr. Stella Balthasar President 9443220315 stellafmm@gmail.com
    Sr. Kannikkai Vice-President 7598523565
    Sr.Nambikai.A Secretary

    9585912749 nambiantony@gmail.com
    Sr.Rani Treasurer 7598098870
    Sr.Leema Ooty Vicariate In-Charge 9487167160
    Bro.Britto Coonoor Vicariate In-Charge 9444123374
    Fr. Alberic Kotagiri In-charge 9486910142
    Sr. Sagaya Sathy Vicariate In-Charge 9486022419
    Fr. Ligory Thalavadi Vicariate In-Charge 9047334688 frmarialigori@yahoo.co.uk



    Name of the Parish & Place
    Annai Velankanni Church, Emerald 0423-2595815
    Kandal Cross Shrine, Udhagamandalam 0423-2448436
    Our lady of Lourdes’ Church, Indunagar 0423-2448436
    Our lady of Rosary Church, Rosemount(Quasi) Nil
    Sacred Heart Cathedral, Udhagamandalam 0423-2507473
    St.Antony’s Church, kothumudi 0423-2440603
    St.Antony’s Church, Lovedale 0423-2508200
    St. Francis of Assisi Church, Kundha 0423-2252082
    St. Joseph’s Church, Kalhatti 0423-2444413
    St.Jude’s Church, Elkhill 0423-2442864
    St. Mary’s Church, Udhagamandalam 0423-2550202
    St. Theresa’s Church, Fingerpost 0423-2442417
    St. Theresa’s Church, Nanjanad 0423-2550652
    St. Thomas’s Church, Mulli 04294-2095179
    St. Thomas’s Church, Nondimedu 0423-2440352

    Ecclesiastical Institutions

    Anbu Counseling Centre Udhagamandalam 8098152816
    Diocesan Pastoral Centre Udhagamandalam 0423-2442195
    Neelavani Communication Centre Udhagamandalam 0423-2445790
    St. Berchman’s Preparatory Seminary Udhagamandalam 0423-2442631
    Udhayam Youth Centre Udhagamandalam 0423-2445790
    USSS Udhagamandalam 0423-2444725

    Educational Institutions

    Rex School Udhagamandalam 0423-2442064
    St. Alphonsa CBSE School Udhagamandalam 0423-2509231
    St. Joseph’s College of Education

    Udhagamandalam 0423-2233787
    St. Theresa’s High School Fingerpost 0423-2442632
    St. Joseph’s Hr Sec. School Udhagamandalam 0423-2443338


    Men Houses

    Anbagam Udhagamandalam 0423-2444842
    Missionaries of Faith Mulli 04294-209519
    Norbertine Fathers Kothumudi 0423-2507473
    Society of Jesus Fingerpost 0423-2442306

    Women Houses

    Adoration Convent Udhagamandalam 0423-2446907
    Annai lllam Emerald 0423-2595824
    Bethlehem Convent Udhagamandalam 0423-2446852
    Bon Secours Convent Udhagamandalam 0423-2444636
    Little Flower Convent Fingerpost 0423-2449661
    Mariakam Udhagamandalam 0423-2442116
    Missionaries of Mary Mediatrix Kundha 0423-2509977
    Nazareth Convent Udhagamandalam 0423-2442391
    Pope Paul Mercy Home Nanjanad 0423-2550346
    Sacred Heart Convent Udhagamandalam 0423-2451215
    Salvatorian Sisters Udhagamandalam 0423-2441478
    St. Francis de Sales Convent Fingerpost 0423-2400135
    St. Francis of Assisi Convent Mulli 9787188452
    St. Helen’s Convent Lovedale 0423-2442454

    Charitable Institutions

    Neela Women’s Movement Udhagamandalam 0423-2900556
    Pope Paul VI Mercy Home Nanjanad 0423-2442391

    Educational Institutions

    Bethlehem Girls’ Hr Sec. School Udhagamandalam 0423-2444118
    Child Jesus Primary School Udhagamandalam 0423-2444630
    Leena’s Nursery and Primary School Lovedale 0423-2445651
    Nazareth Nursery and Primary School Udhagamandalam 0423-2446050
    Nirmala Matriculation School Fingerpost 0423-2446918
    Sacred Heart Hr Sec. School Udhagamandalam 0423-2445152
    Sacred Heart Middle School Udhagamandalam 0423-2443115
    St. Antony’s High School Lovedale 0423-2440369
    St. Antony’s Primary School Lovedale 0423-2440369
    St. Joseph’s Industrial School Fingerpost 0423-2442306
    St. Thomas’ Primary School Nondimedu 0423-2440585


    Arul Nilayam Elkhill 0423-2451146
    Bethlehem Boarding Udhagamandalam 0423-2444118
    Leena’s Boarding

    Lovedale 0423-24456515 9442084514
    Loretto Home Udhagamandalam


    Mariyagam Working Women’s Hostel

    Udhagamandalam 0423-2448941
    Nazareth Boarding Udhagamandalam 0423-2441886

    Hospitals / Dispensaries

    Annai lllam Dispensary Emerald 0423-2595824
    Nirmala Nursing Home Fingerpost 0423-2442215
    St. Francis Hospital Mulli 04294-209520 7639795160

    Training Centre

    Nirmala Tailoring Centre Fingerpost 0423-2442852

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