“The Rosary is a powerful weapon to put the demons to flight and to keep oneself away from sin. If you desire peace in your hearts, in your homes, and in your country, assemble all people each evening to recite Rosary. Let not even one-day pass without saying it, no matter how burdened you may be with many cares and labours.” Pope Pius XI.

It is our responsibility to teach and encourage the faithful to commit themselves to the Marian Devotion especially praying Rosary. May I urge all the priests and religious of our Diocese to pray Rosary in the month of October for the intention of the Bishop and for the Diocese.


There is a proposal for CBCI to declare 8th December (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) as the Day of Consecration of India to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the diocesan level it will be done on 12th December 2017 at St.Mary’s Church, Ooty when we usually celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.In the parishes and instutions it could be done on 10th December and 8th December respectively. After the Communion service the special prayer of Consecration could be recited.


Our Lady of Fatima, who deigned to descend on earth, like the blessed morning star following the murky night, Who foretells the aurora of light and hope, here raising Your throne of mercy to say again to the nation of India what You had said in Cana: “Do all that My Son tells you!” that You may find for us pardon, peace and joy:

You who manifested Yourself clearly to innocent eyes under the threefold invocation of Our Lady of the Rosary, of Sorrows and of Carmel – as if You wanted to show that that by imitation of the mysteries of the life of Jesus, which Your Rosary calls to mind, we will become like unto Him, and in our compassion for Your Sorrows we will learn to feel horror for sin and love for mortification, and in the prayer and penance of the mystical mountain of Carmel we will purify ourselves and attain mercy:

Our Lady of the Rosary, whose Heart is a faithful image of the Heart of Your Son, You so perfectly and intimately lived the life of Jesus, that the Saviour shines in Your breast like a Eucharist without veils. Without question it is through You that one approaches Jesus:
Our Lady of Sorrows, whose Heart was pierced by a sword of sorrow, suffering in it all the sufferings of Your Son, with the price of ‘His blood and Your tears, You obtained mercy for us and saved us from the fires of hell:

Our Lady of Carmel, Your maternal Heart does not forget any of Her children and is anxious to reunite everyone in Heaven, even those we no longer remember. You alleviate the souls in purgatory, especially those who are most abandoned.

The Shepherds chosen by Your Son to watch over and feed in His Name the sheep He has acquired with His blood – in this ‘Land of Holy Mary’, whose name cannot be pronounced without pronouncing Your own – come today – as the official and anointed representatives of their flocks, in an act of filial homage, of faith, love and confidence – to solemnly consecrate the Indian nation to Your Immaculate Heart. Take it from our fragile hands into Your own, defend it and guard it as your own property, make Jesus reign, conquer and rule in it. Outside of Him there is no salvation.

We feel a terrible storm raging around us, threatening to disperse and ruin the faithful flock of those who bless you because you are the Mother of Jesus. Afflicted, we stretch out our suppliant hands towards Your Son, as we cry out: Save us, O Lord, for we perish! Raise Your hands with us, O Virgin Priest, because they are omnipotent with the merciful Heart of God, to Whom You offered the pure Host that gave the Most High all honor and glory: so that the Blood of Your Son and Your tears be not lost on us.

Intercede for India, O Blessed Lady, in this most grave hour, when furious winds blow furious winds, bringing cries of death against Your Son and against the civilization founded on His teachings, deceiving minds, perverting hearts, and lighting the fires of hatred and revolution in the world. – Help of Christians, pray for us!

Intercede for India, O Blessed Lady, in this troubled hour when the impure waves of brazen immorality, which has even lost the very notion of sin, dares to proclaim, before the Cross of Your Son, the exaltation of the flesh, throughout the world, to choke the lily of virtue nourished by the Eucharistic Blood of Jesus. – Virgin most Powerful, pray for us!

Intercede for India, O Blessed Lady, in this hour of passions and doubts when even the just runs the risk of being lost…
Unite all the Indian people in obedience to Your Son, in the love of the Church and in cultivation of virtue, in respect of order and fraternal charity. – Queen of Peace, pray for us!

O Blessed Lady of Fatima, save it, giving it Jesus, in Whom it will find Truth, Life, and Peace.


I cordialy invite all the members of the Religious working in our Diocese for the annual meeting in the Bishop’s House on 14th October 2017.

Time Table for Religious Gathering

Date Time Programme
14.10.2017 09.30-10.00 Arrival & Tea
10.00-11.00 Session I
11.00-11.15 Tea
11.15-12.00 Session II
12.00-1.00 Holy Mass
1.00 Lunch &Departure


All the Rev. Fathers who are involved in the School Ministry: Correspondents, Headmasters and Teachers are expected to attend the Meeting without fail on 21.10.2017at the Bishop’s House at 10.00 a.m. Those who have not yet submitted the completed questionnaire to the Vicar General are expected to do so at the earliest.


I thank you dear fathers for sending the special collections promptly. The Mission Sunday materials exhort us to remind and encourage the faithful to celebrate the Mission Sunday in meaningful manner and pray for the missionary activities throughout the world along with our generous monetary contribution towards the same. The official day for the Mission Sunday celebration this year will be on 22.10.2017

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